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"TRIB3 over the past 2 years has worked very close with Core Health & Fitness on providing world class equipment and service for our www.2p4t0.com.cnmunity. They have been the rock behind our success in providing treadmills which are one of our core elements in our boutique offering and service. The treadmills are exceptional and the operational service is even better. We are proud to partner with the team on a global scale."

Kevin Yates | Trib3

The All-New 10 Series FreeRunner?

The FreeRunner? treadmill is a revolutionary new indoor running experience. The heart of this new experience is the patent-pending HexDeck System, featuring an aluminum deck supported by a proprietary, hexagonal polymer suspension system. The result is unprecedented cushion and responsiveness, for a feel that test users describe as “buttery,” “easy on the joints” and “like running on a track.” The next generation of treadmills arrives March 2019.


Hiking is one of the most popular fitness activities in the world and it continues to build momentum due to its simplicity and numerous health benefits. The Trail Hiker brings the motions and benefits of hiking indoors. It allows you to gradually increase the challenge of walking without any www.2p4t0.com.cnfort drawbacks, only proven results.


Creating a truly custom feeling cardio experience is no easy task, but that is what the VersaStrider was built for. Using revolutionary MyStride??technology, this variable stride elliptical allows for a dynamic movement path that fits each user regardless of size, shape or intensity of the workout. Whether you are running at your full stride length or cooling down with a smaller stepping motion, the VersaStrider can adjust to your stride without the use of buttons. Paired with the unparalleled connectivity and customization of OpenHub cardio consoles, the VersaStrider is one machine that truly feels like a custom fit for every user.


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